About us

Food is a perfect bonding that could bring people with different cultural backgrounds and different beliefs to sit around the same table. We invite you to come to enjoy a Cantonese family meal in our family-owned restaurant located in Spitfire Square in Christchurch.

Our restaurant is a Chinese restaurant that specialises in Cantonese cuisine as we are Cantonese descendants. We endeavour to adhere this principle of freshness and original taste by growing some of the herb ingredients and vegetables in our own family farm in Christchurch. These home-grown fresh vegetables will be cooked and served to our customers when they are fresh from the land.



About Taichi

Our restaurant is named by Professor Adam Lam, the Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Canterbury during a casual conversation. Tai Chi is one of the most complicated concepts in Chinese culture so that it is a mission impossible to find an accurate translation into another language, as its complexity will probably be lost in translation. Although “Tai chi” is a form that represents English pronunciation, the original concept enjoys its untranslatability and widely accepted as the distinctive cultural icon that represents the Chinese beliefs and philosophy all over the world.

We believe that the Chinese cuisine shares a great similarity of the concept of Taichi. While the Chinese cuisine in different parts of the world has taken into ingredients (forms) available locally, its uniqueness of its cooking methods makes it a distinctive cuisine to enjoy great popularity around the world.

China and New Zealand, one Eastern culture, the other Western culture, one in the Northern sphere, the other in the Southern sphere, but no matter Chinese descendants or local kiwi, we are all living under the same sky, which is also a key concept of Tai Chi: the harmonious unity of two extremes.